With my activity in both ham radio and broadcasting, but with limited space at home, my shack is affectionately known as ‘The Studio Shack’.

‘The Studio Shack’ is built primarily for recording, editing and mastering radio programmes, audio interviews and podcasts.  As a result it is also perfectly configured to be used as an amateur radio station as well.  I have received many compliments already on the high quality of my audio during QSOs on the digital (internet) modes.


I’m currently operating on EchoLink, CQ100 & TeamSpeak using the following hardware:

ASUS X556U laptop (OS: Windows 10)
SAMSUNG 2033SW (20″ Widescreen Monitor)


ALESIS Multimix 8 USB (8-Channel Audio Mixer)
SAMSON C05 (presenter condenser microphones)
RODE Angle-Poise Boom Arm
ARTcessories HeadAmp 4
YAMAHA HS50M (monitor speakers)


ICOM ID-51E (DStar dual band handheld)
TYT TH-UVF9 (budget dual band handheld)
MIDLAND 77-805 Port-a-Pak (UK CB radio)


Comet GP-1 (dual band end-fed ‘white stick’)