Preparations for my first ham project

When I moved to my current accommodation I hadn’t planned on getting back into this hobby so my room was a tip and it wasn’t comfortable to work in either.  Something had to be done!

Today I took a surplus desk and chair out of storage – once used at the radio station my partner and I ran locally – dragging it back to become the basis for version two of ‘The Studio’ shack.

It took a couple of hours to clear the space and put the desk together but it was well spent.  I now have a workspace where I am more comfortable (important for long nights on the air) and more productive (also important for shack maintenance and client projects).

At the end of the night, once everything was reconnected and connection to the big global ham family was restored, I celebrated with a beer and started preparing for my first in-shack project – building an AllStar server!  🙂

The shack still needs some more tidying up but I’m really pleased with how it’s come together.  I’ll update my dormant Equipment page with the all specs shortly!

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