CQ CQ DX de G7KTL – back ‘on the air’

Well hello!  After six years off the year I’m back … all be it on-line as I sold my last radio when I decided to take a break in the mid-nineties.  🙁

I had a false start getting back into the hobby back in January when I registered for EchoLink but I couldn’t find a copy of my current licence and nor could I access the Ofcom website.  As time goes on you’ll see I seem to have trouble with log-ins for important websites for some reason.

Anyway … I have now regained access and updated my licence which you are required to submit to EchoLink (and other controlled digital networks) to ensure only qualified operators access the service and use the software.

Meeting Jenni and the BYLARA girls at HamFest
I met Jenni on the BYLARA (British Young Ladies Amateur Radio Association) stand at the FRARS HamFest in August 2012.

So I fired up EchoLink this evening and my first contacts were Merfyn Jones (M0HWA) and his XYL Jenni (M0HZT) who I met at HamFest last month.

Merfyn and Jenni live over in Frome in Somerset which isn’t all that far from me really.  It was nice to make my first returning contact with some locals!  😉

Merfyn and Jenni gave me a lovely warm welcome back to the hobby and introduced me to another ‘web only’ digital network called CQ100 which I’m going to explore tomorrow.  Yet another log-in for me to remember!

I’ll write more on my experience of EchoLink shortly but, in the meantime, a very big thank you to Merfyn and Jenni for showing me the best path back into amateur radio to suit my life at this moment in time.



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